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Staying on top of your health means scheduling routine wellness exams with your physician. These exams are designed to help provide insight into what is happening inside of your body.

Wellness exams can detect some of the earliest warning signs that there is a disease developing inside of you, can help to track the progression of illness, and are an excellent measure of the effectiveness of treatments for conditions you have.

It is recommended that all adults have an annual wellness exam unless told otherwise by their physician. In some cases, your physician may want to see you more frequently than once a year, to ensure they are up to date on your health.

If you or your family has a medical history of certain diseases you may have additional screenings and tests at your wellness exam to keep an eye for potential factors of developing disease.

At Supreme Medical Center we offer the most comfortable and convenient wellness exams in Houston because we care about our patients. We know unpleasant trips to see the doctor will make it harder for patients to stay on top of their routine maintenance.

Our goal is to make you feel safe and welcome at each visit so that you prioritize your health and never wait too long between appointments to get a checkup. We treat patients of all ages and in all stages of life to help them thrive and get the most out of their life.

Physical Exams Houston

How long has it been since you had a physical exam? Whether you are an athlete needing a physical for sports or are overdue for a wellness exam, our team is here to help you.

We offer convenient physical exams in Houston for patients of all ages. These exams help to ensure your body is operating properly and there are no underlying health concerns affecting you.

Call our office today to schedule your physical exam and to establish a relationship with a physician that prioritizes your health.

Annual Physical Exam Specialist Houston

Are you overdue for a physical exam? Have you put off having your body checked out due to time or anxiety? We want to help you.

Our team of annual physical exam specialists in Houston work with patients of all ages to provide them with helpful insight into the condition and function of their bodies.

Whether you have a medical concern or simply just want to have a wellness exam to know where you are, we can help. Call us today to schedule your physical exam in Houston.

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FAQ - Wellness Exams

How often should I get a wellness exam?

It is recommended that every adult have a wellness exam on an annual basis unless directed otherwise by their physician. If you have a history of medical issues your physician may suggest you having more frequent testing and screenings performed.

Does my PCP give me my wellness exam?

Your PCP can give you a wellness exam, as well as other healthcare providers. Having an established relationship with the physician who gives you your wellness exam may be more advantageous as they know more about your medical history.

Are wellness exams covered by insurance?

Most preventive care is covered by insurance because it is cheaper and easier for them to provide treatment to individuals that catch early warning signs of disease.

What is involved in a wellness exam?

Your physician will collect information regarding your weight, height, blood pressure, body mass index (BMI), and discuss your lifestyle choices. The visit may also include different types of screening depending on your gender, family medical history, and age.