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Medical Clinic Humble TX

Supreme Medical Center is a medical clinic serving Humble TX and its surrounding areas. Our medical staff specializes in basic medical care such as physicals, vaccinations, and screenings, while also providing medical attention for everything from minor injuries to chronic medical conditions. We put patient needs first by providing individualized care with compassion and respect. Our team collaborates to create an optimal environment for healing, emphasizing quality, efficiency and addressing your entire health goals. From our professional medical experts to our friendly administrative staff, at Supreme Medical Center we got you covered!

Family Medicine Humble TX

The healthcare providers at Supreme Medical Center are devoted to helping your family’s health thrive. This is why we work to provide compassionate care to individuals of all ages, in all stages of life. We offer comprehensive family medicine care in Humble, TX and surrounding areas for your convenience. There is no need to have multiple doctors in different clinics for each member of your family, when you can get care for everyone in your household at our clinic.

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    Allergy Testing Humble TX

    Do you suffer from seasonal or year round allergies? Are you tired of taking over the counter medications everyday that offer minimum relief for your symptoms? Supreme Medical Center is here to help you. We specialize in comprehensive allergy testing in Humble, TX and surrounding areas. Once we know what is causing your allergy problems, we will develop a treatment plan for you.

    Weight Loss Humble TX

    Obesity affects millions of Americans and is a leading cause of serious health conditions that can affect your way of life. Our team works with overweight individuals to help them set health weight goals and find solutions that get them lasting results. Contact us today to learn more about our program for weight loss in Humble, TX and to schedule an appointment with one of our trusted physicians.

    IV Therapy Humble TX

    At Supreme Medical Center we offer several different types of IV treatments to help our patients feel and look their best from the inside out. These IV drips include allergy treatments, weight loss assistance, vitamin boosts, and more. If you want to learn more about how these treatments can help you to feel your best contact us today. We will give you more in depth information about our IV therapy in Humble, TX.

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    About Humble TX

    Humble is a city located in Harris County, Texas, United States, within the Houston metropolitan area. Famously, Humble became an Oil Boomtown in the early 20th century when oil was first discovered there in 1903. By 1905, the Humble oilfield was the largest producing oilfield in Texas.[5] Humble was home of Humble Oil, a predecessor of Exxon.

    The city got its name from one of the original founders/settlers, Pleasant Smith “Plez” Humble, who opened the first post office in his home and later served as justice of the peace. A ferry was built nearby, across ………

    IV Infusion Therapy

    Nutritional IV Drips in Houston

    We have fully customizable IV Drips to help our patients take control of their health. Our certified nurses and medical professionals work with you to identify your needs and create a plan that promotes your well-being.