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Are you suffering from joint pain caused by an injury, inflammation, arthritis, etc? Are you tired of taking pain medication that may cause side effects and may cause damage to certain organs?

At Supreme Medical Center we provide alternative methods to deal with joint pain. Most trigger points and joint injections are covered by Medicare and most private insurance companies.

We offer corticosteroid injections that reduce inflammation and therefore reduce pain.  We also offer hyaluronic acid injections also known as gel injections that form a lubricant in the joint, this works to reduce friction between the moving parts in order to ultimately reduce any pain.

Our joint specialists also provide PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) injections where your own blood is drawn, plasma is separated and injected into the joint where the natural stem cells repair or regenerate the cartilage and reduce the pain.

These treatments are all effective in helping you to reduce pain and gain mobility in your joints. We work with you to identify the exact location and source of your pain, then choose which one of these injections is the best fit for your specific needs.

Once we have done this we will start you on a treatment plan and monitor the effects of these injections. Many patients will begin to feel the results in as little as two to seven days. In some cases, these treatments are also paired with physical therapy for the best results.

Facet Joint Injections Houston

At Supreme Medical Center we provide facet joint injections in Houston to help our patients get relief from inflamed or injured joints.

These injections are minimally invasive and are completed in-office. Most patients will begin to see results within a couple of days of the treatment, allowing for increased mobility and function.

Most facet joint injections offer relief for several months, especially when paired with physical therapy. If you are tired of living with stiff or painful joints, reach out to the team at Supreme Medical Center today.

Knee Pain Treatment Houston

Do you have pain in your knees that affects your daily life? Are you tired of taking medications every single day to get minimal relief for your discomfort? Our team can help you. We provide knee pain treatment in Houston that gets you the results you are looking for.

We offer a variety of different knee injection treatments that work fast to relieve your pain and restore your body’s function.

Call us today to learn more about the knee pain treatments we offer in Houston and to schedule an appointment with one of our joint specialists.

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FAQ - Joint Injections

What are joint injections?

Joint injections are in-office procedures that allow for your physician to put steroid medication directly into the affected joint. This medication is used to treat inflammation, pain, and swelling directly. In some cases, physicians may remove joint liquid in these procedures to send it off for laboratory testing.

How long does it take for joint injections to work?

Joint injections typically take between 3 and 7 days to begin relieving pain, swelling, and inflammation. Some individuals may not notice a decrease in inflammation for up to two weeks following their procedure. The full benefit of your joint injection treatment may take up to 6 weeks to show.

How long do joint injections last?

While results vary between each person, the positive effects of joint injections on average last between 2 and 4 months. Talking to your physician can help you to determine how frequently you should get joint injection treatments.

Does insurance cover joint injections?

Most joint injections that we offer are covered by Medicare and the majority of major insurance companies. If you have specific questions regarding your insurance coverage, contact our office. We will help get you answers about the coverage we accept.