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Preventive Care Houston
The best way to reduce the risk of developing diseases, disabilities, and early death is with preventive care.

This covers monitoring your health to find the earliest warning signs of illness developing within your body to stop them or begin treatment for them before they have the ability to become major causes of concern.

Some of the most common examples of preventive care include annual checkups, immunizations, flu shots, and developing a relationship with a primary care physician who knows your family’s medical history. Taking these steps can make a major difference in your health and help you to add many years to your life. While the importance of preventive medicine is well known, millions of Americans fail to stay on top of this routine care.

If you know that disease runs in your family, are obese, or have previously been diagnosed with a health condition that you have not gotten treatment for, you may be at increased risk for many serious problems including strokes, heart attacks, and cancer.

Our team works with you to determine what your needs are based on your age, medical history, and genetics. We will come up with a preventive care plan that includes screenings, bloodwork, and more, to monitor your health closely and identify any changes that may be a cause for alarm.

Developing a relationship with your physician makes it easier to take charge of your health and catch problems quickly.

If you have gone more than a year without scheduling an annual check-up with your doctor, our team wants to help you. We prioritize your comfort to ensure that each interaction you have with us is a positive experience. Call us today to schedule an annual check-up.

Preventive Health Care Houston

Most diseases and illnesses, when caught early, can be treated to lessen the severity of symptoms, slow the progression of the condition, and in some cases be overcome entirely. This is why Supreme Medical Center offers the best preventive healthcare in Houston.

Our team works with each individual patient to identify their risks, monitor their health, and come up with treatment plans to help them live the longest and happiest life possible. If you are looking to book an annual checkup or have concerns about your health, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors.

Preventive Health Care Clinics Near Me

Are you looking for a preventive healthcare clinic in Houston to help you monitor your health? Supreme Medical Center is here for you.

Our team specializes in preventive care to help you catch the earliest warning signs of a problem developing inside your body. We work with you to ensure you are staying on top of the proper health screenings and are taking all necessary measures to stay as healthy as possible.

Schedule your preventive healthcare appointment with our team today to take control of your health.

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FAQ - Preventive Care

How often do you need to have a checkup?

It is recommended that every adult has an annual checkup to track their health and determine if they have any underlying medical concerns. These checkups typically include a physical examination, bloodwork, and other testing your physician believes is necessary based on your age, gender, and medical history.

What is the point of preventive care?

Preventive care provides individuals with the opportunity to catch the earliest warning signs of developing conditions. This can include everything from diabetes and heart disease to cancer. If you have a family history of disease it is especially important to stay on top of preventive care to monitor your health at every stage of life.

Does my PCP provide preventive care?

One of the main benefits to developing a relationship with a primary care physician is that they will help you to stay on top of your preventive care needs. Your doctor should have a comprehensive understanding of your medical history as well as your family’s medical history. All of this information will help them to provide you with the most relevant testing and screenings.

How does preventive care save lives?

Preventive care saves lives and reduces the likelihood of developing serious medical conditions because it provides individuals with helpful insight into the function and condition of their body. Your physician will order all necessary medical screenings, tests, checkups, patient counseling, and vaccines that you need to catch the earliest signs of a health problem.